Thursday, April 28, 2011

X Marks the Spot

I've never been enthralled with stories about treasure hunts. Pirates, parrots, peglegs, and buried treasure all seem kind of boring. The best part of Peter Pan was Tinkerbell. The best part of Romancing the Stone was its humor. And romance. Nothing about Indiana Jones appealed to me. (Not even Harrison Ford.)

I prefer puzzles to hunts. I also prefer figuring out why someone wants to dig a hole and bury something rather than doing the dirty work and digging stuff out of the ground.

What's the lure of treasure hunts? So you find something that's lost. Big deal. If the treasure you find is worth significant money, I can guarantee you someone else is going to claim ownership and take it away from you ... leaving you with nothing but frustration for all your efforts.

Now, if the satisfaction of the hunt is what floats your boat, okay, maybe I get it. A little.

Really now, tell me, what's the deal with treasure hunts?


  1. X marks the spot - that's a great idea for today's posts. It's never happened to me, except they say there's treasure at the end of a rainbow. I've never stopped yet to dig around at the end of a rainbow, so I'm not much of a fan obviously ;)

  2. I'm not a fan of treasure hunts at all. I think that it's misleading and often shows greed. Great for fantasy, but not good for impressions. I like cryptic things, clues, and puzzles, too. After all, what would you rather watch? Pirates of the Caribbean or the daVinci code?

  3. Give me the daVinci Code any day!