Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Interview with DANA LITTLEJOHN

Dana Littlejohn is a writing dervish who makes her second appearance as her novel, Happy Feet, is about to be released.  Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she now lives in Indianapolis with her family.

According to your website, you’ve published 19 books. What are some of the challenges and rewards of being multi-published.

The challenges come with finding new ideas to write about or at least take a new twist to an old idea. As far as the rewards go, it’s pretty cool when people recognize your name and tell you how much they love your writing.

Your books have been published by several publishers.  How do you choose what houses to submit your manuscripts to?

It depends on what the genre is mostly. Most of my stories have interracial couples so I look for a I/R friendly publisher.

Share with us your thoughts of ePublishing versus traditional publishing.

I think there are pros and cons to ePublishing. With ePublishing my name is out there. People know me as a romance author. Recognition, release dates, and royalties come quicker with ePublishing. I do have my stories in an anthology available now and one coming in 2010 and they took a few years to come to completion.

You’ve indicated to me in a previous interview that characterizing the men in your books is a challenge. Why do you think that is?

I want my men to be as different as any man you could meet in the real world. With each book, creating a totally different man each time gets harder, but is more rewarding. The last thing I want is for a diehard fan of mine to say is ‘dang, all the guys in Dana’s books look and act the same.’

What is the title of your most recently published book? Briefly tell us what it’s about and let us know where we can buy it.

My latest book will be out next week, it’s called Happy Feet. It will be available at Phaze. I realized I had not done a fetish story and thought it might be fun. It is about a woman name Kerri. She has a secret admirer and with the help of her friend he confesses his crush for her. During their time of getting to know each other he reveals his love of her feet. At first she’s freaked out, but then she learns she could get to like it.

What are you working on now and when/where do you expect it to be available?

I’m doing the final edits on To Have and to Hold. It will be released from Red Rose Publishing early 2010.

Are you a member of any writer’s organizations? Why? Why not?

I am a member of RWA and EEA so that I can keep up with what is going on in the romance world with trade publishing and e-publishing.

FUN QUESTION: What do you like better, dogs or cats, and why?

I am a total cat person. It’s not that I don’t like dogs, they’re cool, but cats are independent, sure of themselves and smart. My cat and I have a good understanding. When he wants some love he comes over, I rub him up and we’re good for a day or two. When I’m writing he’s nearby chillin’. I don’t bother him and he doesn’t bother me.

Do you have any upcoming book signings or appearances? If so, give us all the details.

Nothing concrete for 2010 as of yet, but the Black Expo in Indianapolis in July is a pending possibility.

Here’s your opportunity to tell us anything else you care to share.

I have a few books available now in print. The House is available at Whiskey Creek Press and so is The Last MacPhee and The Dioni Chronicles, both available at Red Rose Publishing. I also have my story in an anthology called Street Vices. It is an urban look at the 7 deadly sins. It is not a romance and is available on Amazon. Check my website for excerpts to these and all my other releases. So many wonderful things are going to happen for me in 2010. I would like to invite all the readers to my websites to keep in touch to be a part of it. I will have contests for signed print books and other prizes such as mugs, pens, bookmarks and so many other cool things.

What are the addresses of your website(s) and blog(s):

My main website is and my second website is, I also have a blog, . You can also find me on MySpace, and Facebook.


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    I think it would be really challenging to write men in a romance...from their POV, especially.

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