Saturday, December 5, 2009

Book Review: THE STING of JUSTICE by Cora Harrison

Set in the kingdom of the Burren in the west of Ireland in 1509, Mara, judge and professor of the law school, must solve the murder of the local silversmith.  Sorley Skerritt, a greedy and unpopular man, meets his demise when a swarm of bees stings him to death.  Mara investigates the crime, and the people of her kingdom, hoping to bring the sting of justice to a wiley killer.

I don't usually find myself engrossed in historical mysteries, however, this excellent book snatched my interest immediately and never released it.

Both the plot and the characters drew me in, as did the peculiarites of medieval Irish law.  Each chapter is prefaced with a short excerpt of law that foreshadows the plot without giving it away and explains the mores of the sixteen century in the Burren.  Harrison paints vivid characters and a tangible setting that comes alive with her description and characterization.

My rating: (4 Star) Read it in a couple of sittings, in between other IMPORTANT stuff I had to do. You’ll really enjoy it.

The Sting of Justince will be released in hardcover on December 1, 2009 by Minotaur Books.
ISBN 978-0-312-37269-9

Visit the author website at: or contact Anne Gardner, St. Martin's/Minotaur at (646) 307-5553 or

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  1. i have read "My Lady Judge" and "A Secret and Unlawful Killing" If this book "The Sting of Justice" is comparable to those two I need to rush to the book store. If you have not read the first two mentioned you need to rush to the book store.

    Happy reading.