Friday, June 19, 2009

Press Release for THE CRY OF THE CUCKOOS by John Wayne Cargile

Author’s First Book Creates and Weaves an Intriguing FBI Murder Mystery

The cuckoo bird is a master of deception, fooling other species in their race to copy their chirping begging call.

When Donald Drummond and his wife, Anne, chase after the killer of his father, Henry Drummond, they find themselves up against a radical right wing supremacist organization called the Society of Southron Patriots and, like the cuckoo bird, deception is the Society’s mission. The couple unravels a terrorist plot that will kill Washington dignitaries at the Super Bowl and delegates at the United Nations. Donald, a retired news reporter, and Anne, a retired school teacher, unfold the mystery leading them on a wild chase from Alabama to Texas. And one of the many murder suspects is Donald’s biological mother, Betty Jo Duke, who he only just met after his father’s death. Donald and Anne are hired as informants by the FBI to unravel the mysterious case and they get a lot more than they bargained for.

"The author is clearly a good writer, with sufficient description, dialogue, scenes and sequels (places in the book where main character is found between the scene having just taken place and the scene yet to come). The author has made good use of the five senses, as well as his descriptions of people and places, to create and weave a good tale."
-- Bettyanne Bruin, Writers Literary

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About the Author:
John Wayne Cargile, Msc.D, D.D. is an award-winning newspaper and magazine writer. Recently retired, The Cry of the Cuckoos is his first novel. He worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a clerk in Birmingham, Alabama in the late 1960s. He and his wife, Paula, and son, Jonathan, reside in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. The couple has three grown children and five grandchildren. For media inquiries, appearances, or other publicity, please contact:
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  1. Interesting storyline with one of the suspects being the protagonist's biological mother. Seems like a good read.

    I'm just curious, but don't know what the initials, "Msc.D" stands for. I think "D.D." would be "Doctor of Divinity?"