Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kirkus Review for A DEADLY HABIT

Andrea Sisco, whose upcoming author interview on this blog is scheduled for July 19th, just garnered a terrific Kirkus Review (06/15/2009). A Deadly Habit will be released in July 2009.

Author: Sisco, Andrea
Review Date: JUNE 15, 2009
Publisher:Five Star
Pages: 316
Price (hardback): $$25.95
Publication Date: 7/17/2009
ISBN: 978-1-59414-795-1
ISBN (hardback): 978-1-59414-795-1
Category: FICTION
Classification: MYSTERY

When she finds her husband murdered, a probation officer who's been planning divorce must make other plans. As she tells Father Daniel Kopecky, the old friend she confesses to even though she isn't Catholic, Penelope Santucci didn't kill her philandering husband Paul Preston, a criminal attorney in both senses of the term. She just stumbled on his corpse after she broke into his house to grab some of her possessions before he could boost them. Father Kopecky is willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, Sgt. Clifford Masters of Minneapolis Homicide somewhat less so. When he shows up at her apartment to ask questions, Pen skedaddles.

Sisco's debut is less a mystery than a chase/adventure with both eyes focused like a laser on Stephanie Plum. Pen has a nose for trouble, an overbearing mother, bad luck with the men who flit through her life, self-esteem issues, enough resilience to bounce back from repeated beatings by goons seeking Paul's ill-gotten gains, and a habit of running her mouth, though her irrepressible repartee is mostly PG. Her insouciant lack of self-control takes her from Paul's interment, where his current mistress shoves her into his grave, to a convent, a law office and a judge's chambers, most of which she's entered under false pretenses. Precious little detection, but the energy level never dips below the red zone. Fans who want something to read during the three months per year that lack a new Janet Evanovich title may have found their fix.

Way to go, Andrea!

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