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Kelley Heckart is a writer, musician, and artist who lives in Arizona. In addition to the novels and music Kelley creates, you should check out her crosses! Her fourth Celtic fantasy romance, Cat's Curse, was released earlier this month.


Who is the one person who most encouraged or influenced you to be a writer—and why?

I have been a writer in some form all my life. I started out writing lyrics/poetry. Later, I tried to write short stories and realized I needed help so I took my first Creative Writing class. My Creative Writing teacher encouraged me to turn a short story into a novel. That short story turned into Of Water and Dragons, my first novel.

How long have you been writing? Tell us about the reasons you write stories about magic and mystical creatures.

I have been writing pretty much all my life, but didn't take it seriously until about 2004. Writing stories about magic and mystical creatures is a great escape from reality. I became interested in Celtic mythology and the stories about the old gods and goddesses. This inspired me to write books about mortals interacting with otherworldly beings like faeries. I like to think that maybe there is this unseen place just beyond our reach. I also have a fascination with the supernatural. I started watching horror movies at a very young age. Vampires and werewolves never frightened me. I remember the only movie that really scared me was the original Night of the Living Dead. I'm sure some of these creatures will show up in future novels.

Tell us about your crosses.

No one ever asks me about my crosses. Thank you. My crosses reflect my passion for picking up shells, rocks, feathers, pieces of driftwood and pretty much anything I can find. Each cross is unique and I have different styles—Southwest, Rune, and what I call Goddess. The symbols I burn into the Goddess crosses are inspired by my research on Neolithic Europe and the mysterious designs found carved into stones. My favorite stones to decorate the crosses with are moonstones because they represent the female divinity. When I need a break from writing, designing the crosses helps to clear my head. It's therapeutic for me. My crosses are available on eBay under 'wall crosses.'

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a writer?

My biggest challenge is always the editing process. That is the only part of writing that can drive me crazy. I love doing research. I love creating characters. I love working out the plot. But I cringe when it is time to edit. I also stress out when submitting a manuscript because after working on something for months, maybe longer, the publisher might reject it.

What is the title of your June release? Briefly tell us what it’s about and let us know where we can buy it.

Cat's Curse is the title of my June release. This is the first book in a trilogy titled Dark Goddess. Here is a brief blurb: Cardea is cursed to live an eternity as a blood drinker. Aedan mac Gabrain, prince of Dal Riata, trusts no one after suffering a curse that keeps him from touching any females. Can two tortured souls find love while battling a dark goddess determined to destroy them? I based this story on an actual Irish warlord in Sixth century Scotland. This is my first book with a vampire character, but she isn't a typical vampire, she is a Lamia, a Greek vampire—half-woman, half-serpent. Cat's Curse will be available June 12, 2009 from

What are you working on now?

I am finishing the third book in the Dark Goddess trilogy titled Winter's Requiem and hope to submit it to my publisher by June.

Writers, especially new writers, are always looking for tips and helpful information. What is the single most important “tip” you can give to a new writer?

Never give up and love to write because chances are you won't make much money doing it.

What is your daily writing routine?

I usually write in the morning and again in the afternoon, but ideas often come to me when I least expect it. I always keep a notebook and pen with me to jot down ideas that force their way into my head at the strangest times. Music is a helpful motivator and so is a cup of coffee. My favorite music lately is Icelandic metal—Nightwish and Apocalyptica.

Do you have any upcoming book signings or appearances? If so, give us all the details.

The only scheduled book signing I have right now is Saturday, November 7 in Tucson at the Tucson Celtic festival. I should have details on my own website soon, but here is the festival website: The Celtic festivals are so much fun. I enjoy watching the men in kilts.

Here’s your opportunity to tell us anything else you care to share.

I have two more releases this year from Awe-Struck. Night's Daughter is due to be released on July 3, 2009. This book is part of a series I call Celtic Threads. The books can be read together or alone, but of course to get the essence of the full story it's best to read them in order. Night's Daughter is a historical romance/fantasy set in ancient Greece amid the battle between the Titans and Olympic gods.
Beltaine's Song is the second book in my Dark Goddess trilogy and is due to be released on November 14, 2009.

Thank you for the interview.

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