Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's Your Advice About How to Find an Agent?
One writer/blog reader indicated to me his issues with finding an agent.  It seems he's hearing the refrain, "It's not what I'm looking for."

One online site I've heard of is Agent Query.  By inserting certain criteria into its search engine, a writer can narrow a search by the genre of fiction or nonfiction he or see writes.  The site also contains a great deal of information about literary agents, how to submit to them, how to write a query, and a truckload of other information.

Literary Marketplace, both online and in print, also contains similar information.

But what about some real, live input from you writers out there who HAVE agents?


  1. Took me 72 queries to find my agent, and a year and a half after that to land a contract. I pitched, collected rejections, and rewrote - many times. I didn't assume it was the agents. I assumed it was me. The end result was a much better manuscript. But it does take some serious investment of research and time.

    Hope Clark

  2. Thanks, Hope, for sharing your quest for an agent.

  3. I found this terrific website/blog; you may find it helpful: How Publishing Really Works:

  4. Very helpful information, since I'm now hunting for an agent. I will definitely try Agent Query.

  5. Pat, The info they provide is great. In includes genre, how to submit (e-mail or paper), who the agents are, what the agency's website address is, etc. Be careful, however, as some of the info on Agent Query is dated. If I were you, I'd confirm everything with the agent's website for accuracy and timeliness.