Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Writer's Digest - a terrific writer's resource

I read every issue of Writer's Digest from cover to cover the very same day I receive it.

Each month, the magazine has a theme and even if I'm not interested in a particular month's theme (like when it was about writing memoirs), I never walk away from the issue disappointed.  Doesn't matter what you write--fiction, nonfiction, magazine, technical tomes, screenplays--you'll find something helpful, informative, and entertaining.

The theme of the February 2011 issue is "Write Better" and includes the following articles:
  • How to Hook Readers With Just One Line
  • 5 Essentials for an Unforgettable Plot
  • The Surprising Key to Compelling Nonfiction
  • Secrets for Writing Stories Kids & Teens Will Love
  • Write Better
  • 25 Ways to Improve Your Writing in 30 Minutes a Day

 My favorite article was the 5 Essentials for an Unforgettable Plot. Author Steven James explains that you only need 5 things to create a spectacular story - and NONE of them is an outline. Music to my ears...
If you subscribe to Writer's Digest's free e-letter, you'll be able to download the 12th annual Best 101 Websites for Writers.  Here are some of the pages you'll find on the WD website:
  • Get Published,
  • Write Better (lots more articles than contained in just the Feb 2011 issue),
  • Get Creative,
  • Conferences and Events,
  • Blogs,
  • Hot Markets (the top 100 markets for magazine and book writers),
  • Online Workshops, and
  • Services for Writers.
No, I don't own stock in the company, none of my family members work there, and I'm not getting paid to publish this post.  I just think it's a terrific resource and worth every penny of the subscription price.  MWA members get a discounted subscription rate and, perhaps, other writer's organizations entitle you to one, as well.

Feel free to share an writer's resources you can't live without.

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