Saturday, November 20, 2010

Looking for a nonfiction publisher?

Book publisher sets up shop in Martinsville

Aleasha Sandley of the Reporter-Times
November 20, 2010

NorLightsPress focuses on the types of books that can be "marketed and well-sold," reporter Aleasha Sandley states in her article, including business, family and home, food and diet, self-help, travel and adventure, eco-friendly, and writing how-to.  Publisher Vorris "Dee" Justesen indicates that NorlightsPress has access to approximately 90 percent of the booksellers in the world, including Amazon and the larger chains.

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If you are not a subscriber, you can read the contents of the article on NorlightsPress's blog at:

For their submission guidelines, list of titles, and bookseller information, visit the website of NorLightsPress at:

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