Sunday, July 25, 2010

Book Review: BOOK OF SPIES by Gayle Lynds

If you like some history thrown in with a thriller that contains mystery, suspense, espionage, and memorable characters, you should be adding BOOK OF SPIES to your summer reading list.

Judd Ryder, a former intelligence agent, learns that the Library of Gold just may exist.  For centuries, world rulers, historians, and even the Vatican have searched for Ivan the Terrible's personal library of priceless gold and jeweled-covered books dating back to the ancient Greeks.  One of the library's volumes, Book of Spies, surfaces and the CIA links the legendary library to a secret book club that may own the library, a bank account connected to terrorists, and the death of Judd's father.  Together, Ryder and the CIA turn to Eva Blake for help.  Eva's a rare books curator serving time in jail for the vehicular manslaughter of her husband.  Racing from London to Rome, Istanbul, and Athens, Ryder and Eva Blake must locate the library--and stay alive during the process.

The book has a complex plot that keeps readers guessing from the first page right through 'til the end.  A cast of unforgettable characters weaves its way through an endless maze of complications, plot twists, danger, betrayal, and murder.

BOOK OF SPIES is the first book in Gayle Lynds' new series and I can't wait for the next one.  On a scale of 1 o 10, I give this book a 9.5.


  1. I have really enjoyed the Gayle Lynds books I've read so far, so I'm putting this one on my list right no. Thanks, Linda.

  2. Wow, Linda, thank you for the wonderful review. I'm delighted you enjoyed it! all best, Gayle

  3. Gayle, Keep writing books like this and I'll keep saying good things. Thanks for visiting the blog and feel free to contribute any time.