Saturday, July 25, 2009


Please accept my apologies for failing to post on the blog and return e-mails during the past 10 days. I live in Montana and my family is in Massachusetts; a medical emergency required me to fly to Massachusetts last weekend and I've spent the past week with my father, who had unanticipated triple bypass surgery. He's doing fine now and I expect to return home on Monday, July 27th.

Unfortunately, my laptop's hard drive crashed earlier this week and I was unable to access my backed up Author Exchange Blog files. (79 year-old Dad doesn't have a computer or Internet access)

To those authors whose interviews and items were not posted: I'll be in touch personally early next and week and will make amends for failing to honor my commitment to posts your interviews and other items,

Thank you,
Linda Faulkner


  1. I hope your father is better now, Linda. It sounds like everything happened at once for you (it goes like that sometimes, doesn't it?)

    Take care,

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. I was wondering what had happened to you, Linda. I hope your dad is on the mend now, and that life gets back to normal soon.