Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Love Triangles

Love is complicated enough between two people when you add a third it can be just a mess. Jealousy, hurt feelings, and confusion abound.

But as a writer, I love these triangles. The conflict between multiple lovers creates a challenge for authors because finding a satisfying resolution for readers is not easy. How do you find a happy ending between three people?

I knew in the sequel to the next book in The Angler series, I had to include some kind of relationship with Tane, the anti-hero, and Connie, the heroine, but they hated each other so much in the first book. The only commonality between these characters is Rurik, Connie’s vampire lover and Tane’s best friend.

All three characters experience the emotions I mentioned above. A love triangle, fraught with possible tragedy yet full of possible hope.

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Annie Nicholas


  1. Thanks for having me here, Linda.

  2. I love reading about love triangles. So much conflict.

    *adds to Kindle wishlist*