Saturday, September 11, 2010

WRITERS WANTED - A call for Contributors by Terre Short of BetteBoomer

Bette Boomer is born! A few creative friends and I have been breathing life into a new resource for baby boomers -  Bette Boomer represents the ageless boomer generation that is redefining what it means to grow older. We research and present the ultimate resources for boomers transitioning through various life stages. We profile fellow uber-boomers and provide a platform for identifying with our "agelessness."

We seek contributors who can add their voice to the dynamic approach we seek in uncovering the boomer path over the next 40 years. We are interested in many fascinating topics: longevity, brain health, physical vitality, excursions with kids and grandkids, support for challenges with aging parents, technology that complements our connectedness, and most any resource on healthy, sustainable living - because living well never gets old!

If you would like to contribute to, please check out the subjects under the “Boomer,” “Progeny,” and “Parents” sections and send an email with few lines about your proposed topic. Alternatively, you could present a brief overview of what a profile of yourself would encompass, for consideration in the “Uber-boomer” section.

Live Well!

Terre Short


  1. Oh yes please I have worked (GID) for a year to get my life to the place where I can sit and write -- and I know me better than anybody else;-)
    I will complete this assignment of overview and profile ASAP.
    I see bits of my life appropriate to all your subjects -- indeed, I argue that your subjects demonstrate how well-chosen they were by their universality.
    I have 65 trips around the sun on my uber-passport, so I'm a tad ahead of you "Boomers" -- an avatar, if you will.
    Topics? Mating, marriage, children, grandchildren, living on little, education as a returning student, creating work as an elder. Divorce, ill health (including critical events), and financial change. How to make life simpler, how to gain control of your security, how to cook for one.
    Life as a senior has been for me an exciting transmogrifying event -- I'm loving it, and about to set out on a journey from the Rockies of ID to the beaches of FL.

  2. I'm an author of about 50 books of humor, science fiction, suspense, adventure and non-fiction.
    My autobiography is out as an ebook and will soon be in print. It tells about my whole life, good and bad, and might have some lessons for others in it. At least that was the object of writing it. Title is "Darrell Bain's World of Books" because books playes such an important part of keeping me going during rough times.

  3. I can talk to most all of the subjects mentioned, grandkids, health, aging parents, grown children, working, etc. At the heart of my two mystery novels are family issues dealt with by amateur sleuths Lexie and Lucy, who are of a "certain age" and are also sisters.

    I'm amazed every day by the way life is changing and I find it both challenging and exciting. With three grown children, I'm seeing a lot of their challenges; things I lived through and survived and now they're asking me for advice! Hmmm. Also, I spend a lot of time helping my daughter with her two girls; especially since she's deployed to Afghanistan right now. I also travel frequently and would love to share the things I've seen in such places as Japan, New Zealand and what it's like to take Caribbean cruises. Many things!