Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Book Review: WHERE ARMADILLOS GO TO DIE by James Hime

Retired Texas Ranger Jeremiah Spur involves himself in a suspenseful and humorous criminal adventure in Brenham, Texas--the home of the best catfish restaurant in the world.  It's also the home of a retired former NFL football star who may, or may not, be involved in the disappearance of the restaurant owner.

Toss into the mix the assorted relatives of the missing restaurateur and the ex-football star, a sheriff with ED, a former cop turned security expert, an elderly doctor, a small-town DA with big-city dreams, and a couple of serious cases of e-coli and you've got a terrific whodunit, filled with Texas charm and gritty reality.

In addition to being southern, racist, and downright mean, restaurateur Sylvester Bradshaw has invented a machine that purifies food and is going to earn himself millions of dollars.  If only he can see his way clear to turning over control--something the nasty son-of-a-gun has never gotten the hang of.  When he disappears, along with his invention, Jeremiah Spur is called upon by the missing man's daughter to find her father--since she isn't confident local law enforcement can do the job.  Thus begins a tale that makes you laugh out loud and wonder, right to the very end of the tale, how it's all going to end.

James Hime's characters are flawed and touching, his writing style is fast-paced and refreshing, and the story is very believable.  His next book is on my To Be Read List.

My rating: (4 Star) Read it in a couple of sittings, in between other IMPORTANT stuff I had to do. You’ll really enjoy it.

Where Armadillos Go to Die will be released in hardcover on December 1, 2009 by Minotaur Books.
ISBN 978-0-312-53486-8

Visit the author website at: http://www.jameshime.com/ or contact Anne Gardner, St. Martin's/Minotaur at (646) 307-5553 or anne.gardner@stmartins.com.

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