Thursday, September 17, 2009

DRUE ALLEN has a book cover!

Unfortunately, Drue's book cover wasn't available when we went to press with her interview on Sunday, September 13th. HERE IT IS NOW! If your fingers are too tired to scroll down to her interview, click here to be taken to it immediately!


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  2. Well, I was trying to type "Gorgeous book cover, Drue," but my fingers got tangled and stuck half of my password in the text. Of course, I didn't notice that until I had already submitted the comment. I guess that's why I shouldn't be writing comments or blog posts this late in the evening.

    Anyway, gorgeous book cover, Drue!

  3. Thanks, Pat. I love it, but I'm a big prejudiced. : )

    Seriously though - I believe Five Star's art/design department did a wonderful job and they stayed very true to my story. I'm thrilled.

    If readers want to go to my blog, they can see the final version which includes Jordan Dane's endorsement. Click on the cover and it will enlarge.

    I am so appreciate of everyone's help to a brand new author! You all rock.