Saturday, August 8, 2009


I'm happy to announce that the blog is getting so much traffic, and so many requests for interviews, that I've once (and finally, I hope!) changed the scheduling format and guidelines for posting.

Here's the [revised] scoop:

  • Interviews are no longer limited to Sundays and Wednesdays; I'll post interviews on any day of the week.
  • I welcome interviewing the following individuals: published writers (any format/any genre), agents, editors, publishers, publicists, cover artists, and any other professional in the publishing/writing industry.
  • I welcome posts from anyone who has a topic of interest to writers and readers. Examples of the types of posts I'd like to see: new book release announcements, press releases, articles on any aspect of writing/publishing, advice/tips for writers, surveys, contest announcements, good news, short essays, etc. I'm also open to other items, so be creative!
  • I am open to doing A FEW book reviews but have stringent requirements in this area: requests MUST come from a publisher, publicist, or agent; I will only review books I'm personally interested in reading--I own two businesses, folks, PLUS I write: I have precious little time to read; no specific guidelines w/respect to what type of book interests me--it's more about the opening hook and the writer's voice than it is about genre or topic; I will NOT review a book written by an author who is a personal/business friend or associate, regardless of who makes the request; I give no guarantees or promises with respect to timelines--i.e. how long it'll take me to read the book or the outcome of my review.
  • Although I do not censor interviews or the contents of blog posts, I do reserve the right to perform minor edits or refuse publishing material that: (a) is contrary to the purpose of this blog - i.e. focusing on the exchange of news and information that interests writers and readers, (b) does not contain the name of the author, (c) is inconsiderate, insensitive, or might be considered objectionable by my readers and contributors, or (d) is unprofessional and/or requires considerable editing.
  • I moderate blog comments, so please be patient if comments don't appear immediately after sending them.

When submitting your request for an interview, a book review, or the posting of another item, please include three date preferences. I'll do my best to accommodate your request, however, dates that do not appear as taken in the right sidebar of the blog under Upcoming Appearances may already be taken. Please also keep in mind that for all posted items other than interviews (I provide the querstions for those) YOU NEED TO PROVIDE ME WITH THE FINAL COPY OF THE INFO TO BE POSTED - I do not write the press releases, announcements, or other items for you.

Feel free to refer people you know!

One last thing: if you like the blog, be sure to do one or both of the following:

  1. Make comments - interviewees really DO want to know what you think about them, their books, and their opinions
  2. Send a testimonial - I'll be happy to post your opinions of the blog. No more than 100 words, please.

Click here to submit your request.


  1. Look forward to the planne interviews and learning about some interesting people.

  2. I love your page a day goal and writing where ever, whenever. I often don't take those chances when they are offered. I need to do that. Great post/interview.
    W.S. Gager, author
    A Case of Infatuation now available

  3. I just discovered your blog and think it is wonderful. What a great thing you are doing.