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Elke Govertsen is the publisher of MAMALODE, a new magazine for the whole Mother.

What made you decide to launch a magazine about mothers?

I throw a party every year for moms called the Mother’s Day Eve Bash. It started with me wanting a night out with moms on the night before Mother’s Day and has grown into over 350 women, prizes, massages, yoga, PT, Pilates wine, servers in tuxes, pampering, and many business sponsors. I have never advertised this party. The energy and success of the event led me to think about how the moms need to be connected and celebrated and local businesses need a way to target this powerful demographic. So, MAMALODE was born to try to address both issues.

Tell us about your experience/history in the publishing industry.

I do not have publishing experience. However, I do have experience helping non-profits launch, so the concept of taking an idea and making it into a reality is very much within my comfort zone. My background includes entrepreneurship, art, photography, writing, and managing people, so this job is actually about the best fit for my skill set that I could dream of.

Do you write? If so what? Will you be a contributor to the magazine? If you don’t write, what types of writing most appeal to you?

I do write. I love to write. I have written a screenplay, and have many essays and stories in my pocket. I have not been published since some college work and have not pursued publication. I am an avid, fervent reader and will read about anything. I tend to have a reference book (lately about publishing, ad sales or web 2.0), a non-fiction book, and a fiction novel all going at the same. I also subscribe to lots of magazines.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced with this project?

Time. It has been interesting to see how going from being a stay-at-home mom into running my own business in a way that is positive for my family has shuffled out. For the most part, it has been really wonderful and I have felt much more satisfied with myself, but there is always that trap door of mommy-guilt that immediately jumps to blame myself when one of my kids is having a difficult time. I have decided that balance might be too stagnant and I should shoot for flow instead. The ability to move in and out of balance, and the trust that it will come back, is what I am striving for.

What kinds of topics can we expect to read in MAMALODE?

The idea is that most moms have too much on their plates, so they tend to set aside the things that matter to them. MAMALODE creates a bigger plate. There is room for it all. Family, personal pursuits, reviews of moms who are artists, writers, filmmakers, etc. Businesses owned by moms. Travel (from Missoula with or without family). Fashion. Essays. There will also always be an article by a dad and one by a kids (this is through our Mouths Of Babes Contest).

Where can we obtain MAMALODE, how often will issues be published, and what is the cost?

In 2009, we will produce 2 print issues and launch a fully interactive website. The first issue debuts May 9th at the Mother’s Day Eve Bash (see below) and will then be distributed throughout Missoula and the surrounding areas for free. You can find it in health clubs, doctors’ offices, grocery stores, etc. There will also be a digital edition (replicated in full with live links to all advertisers) on the website, which will launch in June. The website will have new content and a social network for moms to connect with each other and form their own groups, discussion boards etc. There will also be a calendar with events color-coded by family activities, me-time, possible dates, etc. And there is a button to remind people about events they are interested in. The second issue will come out in early November in time for the holidays. In 2010 we will move to quarterly.

The magazine and website are going to be free and supported by advertising. There will be a subscription option for people who choose. We will print 10,000 of the first issue.

Will you have staff writers? Will you accept articles from freelancers? What are your submission guidelines or where can we find them?

No staff writers right now. Everything is freelance. Submission guidelines will be posted on the website in June, but until then you can email me at to discuss ideas. One of the best ways to start is to submit to our “Because I Said So” section, which is a series of 150 words or less about a theme. Look in the first issue for the upcoming theme. Other than that section, which is more like letters from readers, we are committed to paying all of our writers, photographers, and designers. Submission guidelines will also be printed in the first issue.

Do you have any upcoming appearances? If so, give us all the details.

Launch party with be during the Mother’s Day Eve Bash at the Peak Health and Wellness facility by Blue Mountain. Party goes from 7pm-11pm; bring a swimsuit and yoga mat if you want, otherwise just bring all your mama/grandma/aspiring mom pals. Pampering prizes, yoga, massage, PT, Pilates, dancing, servers in tuxedos, and more. Pool facility closes at 9pm. Food and beverages appear after the pool is closed. Goody bags filled with gifts, information and more from local businesses will be handed out, as well as MAMALODE, Missoula’s First Issue. This event is FREE.

The date for the Website Launch is still being determined but will include a film screening, a tour of the website, liquid nitrogen margaritas and be hosted at SpectrUM on campus.

Here’s your opportunity to tell us anything else you care to share.

MAMALODE's website and print template are being built to support multiple communities and an Interest List has been started for people who are interested in franchising.

What are the addresses of your website(s) and blog(s): (right now a place holder, full website will be up by the end of June)

For more information email

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