Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ARTICLE: Reviews 4 Us by Maggie Bishop

Book reviews can be simple. There is no right way to write a book review; it is highly personal and reflects the opinions of you, the reviewer. A review can be as short as 50-100 words or as long as 1500 words. A book review is a description and an evaluation on the quality, meaning, and significance of a book, not a retelling or a summary. It is your reaction.

1. Read a book or pick one you read that you remember. Make a few notes about the points you want to mention.
2. Open a page in Word, WordPefect, or other document program and title it "Reviews by (your name)."
3. List book title, author, ISBN, publisher, date published, price, and genre (mystery, nonfiction, biography, young adult).
4. Visualize a friend with similar reading habits, and type a few lines describing the story line for fiction or an overview and primary points for nonfiction. Be chatty and informative but hook the reader with that first line. Tell why you enjoyed it and what kept you reading while including those points you jotted down. Points to consider include setting, writing style, author voice and style, believable characters, and set up of plot--but don’t give away the ending. Mention the title and author somewhere in the body of the review. Tell what stayed with you long after you finished reading it. You could mention your favorite character, how you related to that character or their actions, and did you like the book.
5. Reread and revise. Add your own website.
6. Post your review on,,, and Create an Amazon Listmania listing your reviews.

Your reviews are important to authors and help publicize books. Read any good books lately? Let the Internet world know about it.

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