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Denny Griffin began his first career as a private investigator in upstate New York and ended it in the position of Director of Investigations with the New York State Department of Health laboratory division. He began his second career as an author in 1994 and it's been downhill, though sometimes bumpy, since then. Denny has published 10 novels, most either true crime or about the Mob. To visit Denny's web site, either click the logo above or click any one of the logos appearing at the end of his interview.
Who is the one person who most encouraged or influenced you to be a writer—and why?

My wife. She said I had a story that needed to be told. And she wouldn’t let me quit, no matter how many times I wanted to.

How long have you been writing? Why do you write True Crime and about the Mob?

I started writing in 1994. I’m a true crime buff and really enjoy doing the research. The Las Vegas reign of Chicago Outfit enforcer Tony Spilotro is fascinating to me.

Who is your favorite author and why do you like his/her work?

Dean Koontz. I’m engrossed by his stories.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a writer?

Facing the reality that there’s more to the business of writing than just completing a manuscript. Getting published and learning how to market my books were things I hadn’t adequately researched before starting my first manuscript.

What is the title of your most recently published book? Briefly tell us what it’s about and let us know where we can buy it.

“Vegas Vixen” was released last November. It’s my third novel in a trilogy featuring the same male/female Las Vegas Metro homicide detective team. In order to solve the murder of a 67-year-old woman, the detectives have to go back in time to when the deceased ran the best brothel in Sin City; a time when there was often little difference between the criminals and the badge-carriers charged with enforcing the law.

“Vegas Vixen” is available online through Amazon or the publisher - Oak Tree Press - at,

What are you working on now and when/where do you expect it to be available?

I’m currently mulling over two book projects. I hope to make a decision shortly and have something out late this year, or early 2010.

Writers, especially new writers, are always looking for tips and helpful information. What is the single most important “tip” you can give to a new writer?

Research the business of writing early on. Have an idea of what your publishing options are prior to or while writing your manuscript; and develop a marketing plan.

What writers organizations claim you as a member?

The Henderson Writers’ Group, Wizards of Words, Public Safety Writers Association, and Sisters in Crime.

Do you have any upcoming book signings or appearances? If so, give us all the details.

Speaking Events/Signings:

March 2 and 23, Borders Express, McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada at 8:30 am

April 2 – West Hills College, Lemoore, California at 7 pm

April 4 – Sisters in Crime, Fresno, California at 10:30 am.

Tell us about your Internet Blog Talk Radio show.

I host a Meet The Author show where authors – usually new ones – talk about their book(s) and publishing and marketing experiences. I also run special programs dealing with crime-related issues. On March 4th at 8 pm EST I’ll be talking about the murder of six-year-old Texas girl Hanna Mack. She was raped and killed in September 2007. On February 13th a 19-year-old confessed to the killing. He also implicated Hanna’s mother’s boyfriend, who is currently in jail on charges of child pornography. My guests will be Heather Steele, President and CEO of the innocent Justice Foundation, and Robin Sax, LA County sex crimes prosecutor.

What are the addresses of your web site(s) and blog(s)?

Blog Talk Radio:

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